• Product: 24 Core Indoor Breakout Fiber Optic Cable
  • Item No.: a-001
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Used in pigtails and patch cords:
Used as interconnect lines of equipments, and used in optical connections
Used in indoor cabling, especially in poor laying conditions;
In optical communication equipment rooms and distribution frames;

Good mechanical and environmental characteristics:
Flame retardant characteristics meets the requirements of relevant standards
The mechanical characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards;
Soft. flexible. easy to splice, and with big capacity data transmission
Meet various requirements of market and clients.

Fiber Count Cable Diameter(mm) Cable Weight(kg/km) Tension
Min.Bend Radius
Range of Temperature
      Long Term Short Term Long Term Short Term Dynamic Static    
16 12.0 120.0 500 1500 300 1000 20D 10D -20~+60
24 15.0 178.0 800 2200 300 1000
36 17.5 200.0 1000 3000 300 1000
48 20. 247.0 1500 4000 300 1000
All the values in the table, which are for reference only, are subject to change without notice;
The minimun bend radius(static) is 5D when G.657 fiber is used.

Fiber Type:G.652, G.655 or 6.657 single-mode fiber. A1a or A1b, OM3 or OM4 mufti-mode fiber, or other types of 
Fiber Count:Fiber quantity on the cable;
Jacket Material:  Environmental flame retardant polyvinylchloride(PVC), environmental low smoke zero halogen flame retardant palyolefin(LSZH),environmental halogen flame retardant polyolefin(ZRPO), environmental 
  thermasplatic polyurethane(TPU), or other contracted material; 
Jacket Color:(Including color of tiber) meets the requirements of relevant standards, or other contracted color;
Cable Dimension:  The nominal cable dimension, or other contracted dimension;
Delivery Length: 1 km or 2km, or other contracted length;
Other Requirements: Other contracted special requests.

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