• Product: 24 Core ODF Unit
  • Item No.: JZ-9001
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Fiber optic distribution frame is the high density fiber optic distribution frame developed by our company. 

    It's suitable for both single core and ribbon fiber cable, especially suitable for indoor optical terminal in 

    optical fiber system.



The frame adopts front side cable operation,  which is good view and save the installation space.

Fiber cable inlet, fiber optic distribution adopts the fiber management structure that design is unique splice and

    distribution of fiber cable and pigtail, movable connection of pigtail and patch cord is finished in the same fiber

    management tray.

The movable connector adopts inclined 25 degree installation structure, which ensures the bend radius of

     pigtail and patch cord; and can also protect eyes from laser.

Reasonable layout makes line clear and protects fiber optic cable。

Front panels suitable for FC, SC, ST adapter.

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