Wuhan, a construction Waduan cable immigration processing interrupt 5 hours

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Yesterday 9:00 Xu, because construction Waduan cable, leading to the province's immigration photographic system failure, not the normal accreditation. Yesterday 14:00 Xu, after emergency repairs, the line to restore patency. Yesterday 9:00 Xu, the reader Lee phoned, saying she deliberately leave home to do today to permit members of the public. Can be a receiving area to immigration, we see a notice posted, because the line failure can not obtain a permit. "July 8 going to start, I really afraid I can not!" 10:40 Xu, Wuhan Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration official microblogging issued an urgent notice, "due to communication cable fault, the province's immigration processing system is temporarily unavailable acceptance, are in full repair! return the system notice the first time. inconvenience, please understand. "

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