Indeed, if an enterprise wants to develop sustainably in the fierce competition of the market after developing to a certain stage, it must have correct strategies, good organization and management capacities as well as talent teams who are rich in professional ethics. However, talent is the basis for the development of the whole company undoubtedly.

The only way of benign development of an enterprise is the cultivation of good talents, and excellent teamwork of department as well as productive market strategy implementation. As a domestic leading network equipment supplier, our training of human resources mainly aims at R&D personnel, which are customer service personnel and marketing personnel. In 2008, our company formally cooperated with Hay Group known as a famous international HR company and formulated a scientific talent quality model. We choose talented people who are capable of promoting our strategy development in the recruitment, and then train their talents after defining the requirements and standards of our strategies on talent capacity,

We generally implement three-stage training programs for new recruits: career planning

For new recruits:
Our company will conduct different skill and culture training according to post characteristics. HR department introduces normative systems and procedures; they organize professional lecturer teams, develop targeted courses, and comprehensively train new employees in basic knowledge, product knowledge, professional modeling, culture and other aspects.

After the possession of basic post skills and career directions:

Our company will preliminarily make career development plans of individuals according to their ambitions and competence trends at work. We provide a technical expert and technical executive dual-channel development road for R&D personnel. Technical exports are mainly responsible for developing and innovating technologies and solving technical problems; technical executives are adept at controlling project directions and product planning, and leading teams to complete development tasks; similarly, we also provide two kinds of talent cultivation directions (business direction and management direction) for customer service personnel and marketing personnel.

Namely, the operation service is divided into core qualities, professional post qualifies and leadership qualities, implementing different training modes for right persons. For example, talents of the same type are trained correspondingly by a tutorial system, thus obtaining rapid improvement. For talents mainly responsible for technical route, our company constantly strengthens the post capacity and achievement pride of technology-oriented talents through systematic technical training, practical project experience accumulation, and studies among technical geniuses, etc.; after talents in technical management have accumulated considerable technical skills, our company will train them to lead R&D teams and project operation, communicate with customers and marketing colleagues and so on, thus accumulating their abilities of controlling projects and products and constantly improving their leadership.

The abovementioned career development plans are changeable. In a closed-ring process of talent selection, cultivation, appointment, usage and education improvement, our company and individuals constantly adjust the career development direction, in order to choose the best development road for ourselves.
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