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Interview with employees to see their progress

Exclusive interview with outstanding employees in this issue, entering geyida - outstanding representative: Chen Zhencheng
He is conscientious, unknown, happy and involved. He interprets excellent quality in ordinary posts with full enthusiasm and simple attitude!

He used to be described as cynical and casual
Now the key words are down-to-earth, conscientious and good at thinking. Why has a person changed so much? With this doubt, I interviewed him.
Q: how many years have you worked in geyida? Why have you been working in geyida?
A: I joined the company in February 2017 and it has been more than four years now. In more than four years, I agree with geyida optical cable, because President Yao's love for employees and attention to product quality let me see the bright future of geyida. Let me believe that people working in geyida will have a happy and beautiful tomorrow.
Simple answer, simple person. Let me pay tribute.

Diligence forms in thought
Chen Zhencheng
Department: Production Department
Position: host operator
Entry date: February 26, 2017
Now let's get to know each other!

With the accumulation of work technical experience, the individual has also changed from a novice to an old employee in the team. He is serious and responsible in his own post. He not only has strong executive ability, but also is good at thinking. When making 6-core dual-purpose optical cables a few days ago, water splashed on the surface of PE sheath in varying degrees during the production process, causing water drop lines. Later, customers complained that the price of these optical cables was very large. If customers did not accept them, the company would bear huge losses. Chen Zhencheng was anxious about the company's urgent need. He used his brains and tried to find a solution in the production process, It has solved the most stubborn problem of water drop pattern, reduced losses and created benefits for the company. His positive and correct professional outlook and working attitude are worth learning from all employees.

Live up to your hard work and sweat. I hope those who have aspirations will eventually have a bright moment