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Geyida optical cable technology morning meeting to share positive energy!

Morning meeting is a way of training and a link that every company attaches great importance to. Let's take a look at our inspiring moment!

The morning meeting starts at 7:50 on time

As the saying goes, without rules, there is no place. A first-class team naturally has a first-class style. Let's take a look at the attendance. Workshop director: adjust the queue, walk in place, look to the right, look forward, good morning, everyone, count off, (one, two, three...) all members are here!

Strict work discipline is gradually developing the good habit of being meticulous and improving, which is imperceptibly changing the quality of all employees in the workshop.

Look at our positive energy star today

——Hu Yan, San Mei, Zhai Yan, Zhang Shengli, Liu Wanchun

In her daily work, Hu Yan actively cleaned her responsible area and kept it well to ensure that the coloring workshop was clean and tidy. She won the 5S award, which is worth learning from all of us (above).

The three younger sisters never play mobile phones and don't go to work. They strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations. When they start up in groups of two, one person closes the line for 12 hours, works hard and works steadily, and won the award for excellence in work discipline as encouragement (above).

Zhai Yan of the quality control department is meticulous and careful in her daily work. During the first inspection, she found a lot of typographical errors and unqualified dimensions, timely put forward them to inform the production improvement, avoided unnecessary losses, controlled the quality and won the quality award. This good work attitude is our example (above).

In the 288 core special group, Zhang Shengli, Liu Wanchun and Liu Yongyong carefully inspected the details of the cable and sheath production process, and came up with effective preventive measures to ensure that there were no defective products in the 40km 288 core cable, which were all qualified, making a great contribution to the company's large number of core optical cables.

Give us today's positive energy star with warm applause

Workshop director's speech: the importance of quality can not be ignored. Improve the quality awareness of employees, strictly implement the inspection and acceptance standards of each process, and ensure that each process is qualified when it is passed to the next. The improvement of quality can promote the improvement of production capacity.

September 15, 2021