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Happy Women’s Day

In this March of joy, of tenderness, of passion, WE HAVE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Here to all struggle in the gyeida female friends to send holiday greetings and good wishes! ! ! I wish the goddesses happy holidays, good health, family happiness, eternal youth! !

Since ancient times, the female is one of the themes that human beings eulogize and praise. Without women, the world would lose at least five-tenths of its truth, six-tenths of its goodness, and seven-tenths of its beauty. The great maternal love, son of hard, beautiful sister, daughter of the lively, these warm words are the deepest hearts of human warmth and comfort. In today, self-esteem, self-improvement, self-confidence, self-love is our pursuit; gentle, virtuous, persistent, dedication is our pride, in the journey of life, we seem ordinary, but can bravely hold up half the sky.

The role of women is moving forward. Through the emotions flowing through the streets and alleys, we feel the gentle breeze of the festival. Women are no longer the ornament of the world. Women are equally strong. On the occasion of the March Eighth Festival, the company has prepared flowers and gifts for the sisters!



Women like flowers, more beautiful than flowers, women like water, more tender than water, the world because of a woman and wonderful, the world because of a woman and beautiful! Finally Geyida wishes the sisters every day happy, happy and sweet. Every year has today, years have today!