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Geyida Production Award selection

Geyida Production Award selection
1. Discipline Award
2. Capacity and Quality Award
3. 5S Award

Under the leadership of the workshop director, the morning meeting began again with neat steps and a new mental outlook.

In order to maintain good production order and work discipline, improve product quality and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, the production management has launched the following Awards:

1、 Work discipline Award

Since the selection of the discipline award was announced at the morning meeting last Wednesday, the employees of the production department have continuously strengthened their discipline, worked meticulously and kept improving. Among them, the performance of 90 machines dominated by Liu Yongyong is particularly outstanding. Every time during production management or quality control inspection, we will see that they are doing what they should do in their respective posts, concentrate on production, actively complete the tasks assigned by production management and complete them on time according to the planned delivery date. Such a working attitude is worth learning from. This week's discipline award is awarded to Liu Yongyong machine!

2、 Capacity and Quality Award

The importance of quality can not be ignored. "Quality is the life of an enterprise" is related to the rise and fall of the company and our vital interests. Improve the quality awareness of employees and strictly implement the standards of each process to ensure that each process is qualified when passed to the next one. The improvement of quality promotes the improvement of production capacity. Interlocking and virtuous circle is our goal. This week, the number one machine in terms of output and quality is 502 / 503. We present the bright circular banner to Wang Jie and Zi Qiang.

3、 Workshop 5S Management Award

Since August, the production management has organized the workshop hygiene in an all-round way. With the efforts of all employees, the work has been carried out in an orderly manner. At present, the implementation of 5S management in the workshop has achieved initial results. Entering the workshop is a clean and orderly scene. This is not a thing overnight. We must persevere and not relax in order to achieve practical results and long-term sustainability. Tian Zhonghua is one of the older employees in the workshop. However, he never considers himself old and does ordinary work in ordinary posts. The cleaning around the machine is clean and the tools on the machine are arranged in an orderly manner, which makes us learn from Tian Zhonghua and stand out in the 5S work of the company.

Conclusion: the red flag position incentive scheme launched by the company is selected once a week. The red flag is mobile. As long as we work hard, we will get corresponding rewards. I hope we can win the red flag and experience the fun of work.

Ningbo geyida optical cable business department September 8, 2021