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Passionate sports, surpassing yourself, it's natural!

The autumn wind is gentle
Osmanthus fragrance
September 29th
Cixi Jintang senior vocational high school welcomes
The 25th teachers and Students Games
This is a grand gathering of youth

This is a group of enthusiastic teenagers!

Ningbo geyida company thanks Jintang vocational school for its kind invitation. As the sponsor of the 25th school games of Jintang senior vocational school, we feel very honored. Ningbo geyida optical cable technology Co., Ltd. provided the teachers and students of Jintang vocational school with mineral water worth 2000 yuan. I hope the students of your school will show their style and level at the games!

We hope that the two sides will continue to strengthen contacts and take the road of school enterprise cooperation better in the future.

I wish the 25th sports meeting of Jintang vocational middle school a complete success.